What is the difference between the Nomad Series & Roamer Series?

The Roamer Series are designed for adventurers who require 32 Oz of a drink. They are sufficient for a longer period of time. The Nomad Series are for those who are looking for a lighter bottle that can fit easily in you backpack and cupholders. Both Series come with our long infuser for maximum flavor infusion.

Do all bottles come with an infuser?

Yes! All Vesmoon bottles comes with one. Unlike others our infuser is long to ensure you can fill it with whatever you desire and to have maximum flavor.

Can we use the bottles for hot and cold drinks?

Absolutely! Our bottles are made of high grade stainless steel with copper plated internals to ensure that it can keep your drinks cold for 24+ hours and hot for 12+ hours.

Are Vesmoon bottles dishwasher safe?

We always recommend to hand wash your Vesmoon bottle. Nevertheless, it is still dishwasher safe. Ensure using a short and low temperature cycle to increase the longevity of the amazing colors.

Are Vesmoon bottles leakproof?

Ofcourse! Vesmoon bottles are 100% leakproof and has been tested thoroughly. Our Extreme Seal technology ensure that your drinks will never be leaked.

Do you have any promotions?

Please keep an eye for promotions by checking our website frequently. We offer currently 10% off on your first order once you subscribe to our newsletter and create an account.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes we do on U.S. orders of $50.00+

Do you offer customized products?

Well not yet. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter for exciting new products.

What is the warranty on Vesmoon bottles?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our bottles. Please refer to our warranty page for more details.

Things to strictly avoid

- Avoid placing your bottles in the freezer

- Avoid using oils in your drinks as this might damage the lids and seals

- Avoid using acidic detergents or baking soda to clean your Vesmoon bottle

- Avoid removing the gasket in your lid when cleaning

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